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Hi, I'm Nikki. A neutral loving, fashion forward branding photographer, who loves to hype up & educate other business owners with their brand! As a business owner myself I know all that is needed to create your brand, showcase your gifts and talents in a way that allows future clients to get a true idea of working with you.

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7 Tips To Building Your Brand On Social Media

7 Tips for Building Your Brand on Social Media

Happy Thursday! Yesterday I hosted with 10 other amazing women run brands and I noticed a lot of the same questions circling around. So of course I decided to create a resource for EVERYONE to get the answers, because sharing is my jam!

Social media is not just about the numbers, it’s about having the right people follow you and engage with your content.  Also, while this might seem the opposite of a social media strategy – it’s not, it’s just smart… Your and #1 focus should be using social media as a promotional platform to drive people off of social media, directing them to your lead magnets, marketing funnels and offers.

Social Media Brand Building Tip #1: Know Your Audience

To build the brand you want, you must first know who you are targeting. Only then can you create content that will be relatable and specific enough to really resonate.

Discovering What Worked for My Brand on Instagram

I was so excited about building my brand on Instagram! Back then, Instagram was still very much about loving the beautifully curated feeds with captivating and original photos leading the way.  And guess what, even today, even with the algorithm doing it’s thing – – – still, the most popular content on Instagram is when I post a brand photo of myself (I can caption it with a personal story, some inspiration for entrepreneurs, or branding tips – – – whatever I pair it with messaging-wise,  it’s photos of me –  showing my face – showing up as ME that gets the most traction). People want to buy from people. They want to feel connected, so sharing BTS of your daily life is interesting, brings them closer to you, so when you are sharing about your upcoming launch, sessions, or offering… they are SO excited right there with you!

Social Media Brand Building Tip #2: Invest in Professional Photos

Don’t underestimate the power of professional photography for your brand to lead the way for your content creation.  People want to see the face behind the brand!   It establishes trust, credibility and professionalism (because it’s obvious you invested money into designing a brand that puts its best foot forward in your overall style, strategy and messaging).

PLUS, nowadays there are so many Brand Photographers who also offer video content during your photo day shoot so you end up with beautiful videos you can use in Reels, Stories, on your website, and more. Hi, I’m Nikki, Your Branding Photographer 😉

Social Media Tip #3: Set Up Two-Factor Authentication

Setting up Two Factor Authentication is a security measure that will make it much less likely for your account to be hacked or stolen.

Social Media Brand Building Tip #4: Establish Your Branded Content Pillars

Determine the key focus areas your brand will communicate about consistently to build the brand perception you want and that will resonate with your target audience. These content pillars will help guide more purposeful content.

Think of your grid as a math problem, you have 9 squares, if you have 3 pillars, then you are sharing them each three times per grid in different formats… if you have 9 pillars ( I definitely DO NOT recommend that) then you will have 1 post per pillar per grid.

Social Media Brand Building Tip #5: Consistency Is Key

Be consistent with your chosen posting schedule, whether it’s once a week, three times a week, or daily. This builds trust and credibility. YOU DO NOT NEED TO POST DAILY! QUALITY OVER QUANTITY! In fact, I recommend taking 1 day completely off IG to allow it a reset! Jump back on with an interesting story and a poll, and BOOM you just boosted your engagement.

Social Media Brand Building Tip #6: Engage Your Audience

Don’t just post, engage with your audience. Go out and engage with people who you feel represent your ideal clients in order to entice them back to check out your page. Send them a dm, like and comment on their posts. BE SOCIAL!!! IT’S THAT SIMPLE. Have you tried my 15/15 method?! If not we need to chat!!!!

Social Media Brand Building Tip #7: Leverage Social Media Strategically

Your focus should be using social media as a promotional platform to drive people off of social media, directing them to your website, marketing funnels, and offers.

Are you struggling to define and refine your brand strategy? Contact me for a Brand Consult Call to discuss how we can work together to develop your brand strategy.


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