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Hi, I'm Nikki. A neutral loving, fashion forward branding photographer, who loves to hype up & educate other business owners with their brand! As a business owner myself I know all that is needed to create your brand, showcase your gifts and talents in a way that allows future clients to get a true idea of working with you.

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How to Brand or Rebrand your Business

So, you’re ready to unleash your business’s true potential by branding or rebranding? You know it’s the secret sauce to gaining more clients, making more bank, and making your wildest dreams come true. And guess what? You’re right on the money!

When branding is done right, it’s like waving a magic wand that attracts clients who appreciate your worth, sets prices that match your value, and makes your business the talk of the town.

But here’s the thing: Branding can seem like a complex mystery, like a secret code that only a select few can solve. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault!

Some experts make branding sound like a mystical art that requires a ton of money or a 5-day workshop with a branding guru. But let me break it down for you.

At its core, a brand is your reputation – what people think and say about you, your service, or your product. It’s your reputation speaking for you in the marketplace.

Picture yourself at a party where some people know you and others don’t. The way your acquaintances describe you to strangers is your brand perception. For example, “They’re friendly and talented, but always a bit disheveled.”

Now imagine that you decide to change that perception. You show up to the next party looking sharp and put-together, surprising everyone with your new look. This is branding in action – you’ve actively reshaped your brand by taking control of your reputation.

Branding is everything that shapes, solidifies, or redefines your reputation – not just your logo, but your entire story. It’s the vibes you put out, the voice you project, and the emotions you evoke. By actively shaping and controlling that story, you can create the reputation and business you’ve always dreamed of.

So, what do you want your reputation to be? Need help making it happen?

Let’s work together to make your branding dreams a reality!

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